We are committed to our employees, our customers, our communities and the environment to operate responsibly, ethically and sustainably. We uphold the social responsibility to conserve and enhance resources for future generations. 

Through our policy, we seek to minimise externalities which compromise our sustainability goals.

Our Sustainability policy

    • Creating healthy, collaborative and innovative work environments.
    • Reducing operational costs and increasing productivity through thoughtful resource conservation and waste reduction.
    • Driving profit responsibly.
    • Fostering sustainability through employee education and engagement.
    • Enabling our customers to become more sustainable through sustainably conscious product design.
    • Institute on-site renewable energy where feasible, our business too.
    • Develop products to enhance the sustainability initiatives of both employees and customers.
    • Explore an implement the use of bio derived plastics and materials.
    • Enact sustainable renovations, construction, operations, and certification whenever possible
    • Disclosures (EPDs), to create workspaces optimised for human and environmental health.
    • Continuously improve tracking of sustainability metrics throughout our operations
    • Measure Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 (business travel, supply chain, commuting, etc.) carbon emissions annually.
    • Act on Scopes 1, 2, and 3 to grow our business while using less energy and emissions to do it
    • Continue to measure and reduce or reuse per capita water usage at every site.
    • Educate and engage employees on sustainability at home, work, and throughout their communities through a combination of employee communications, learning sessions, and hands-on opportunities.
    • Report results of our sustainability program to employees, executive management and other stakeholders, minimally once per fiscal year.
    • Ensure accurate climate risk assessment, such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) guidance, as well as environmental compliance, and reporting transparency through a combination of self- and third-party audits and certifications.
    • Perform to our internal environmental management system that solidifies our operational rigor surrounding sustainability in risks, opportunities, processes, governance, communications and outcomes.
    • Uphold our legal duty to ensure that all country-appropriate environmental laws and regulations are met.