Remote sensing, monitoring & control
Enhancing operational efficiency and reducing cost

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NWNS solutions are designed to deliver reliable IoT applications to locations where Internet access has been unreliable, expensive, or completely unavailable. System testing is expected to begin in Tanzania later this summer

To meet the need for smart agriculture, NWNS has designed a LoRaWAN / NanoSat Agricultural Monitoring Node-to-App Solution. It aims to simplify the process of remote monitoring, to build a data-driven and insightful farming strategy and to help farmers from all over the world to earn more money. 

NWNS offers its total solution including all required sensors and switching hardware, a LoRaWAN gateway which can cover the whole farm (if very big) and connect to hundreds of sensors. If the farm is remote and without stable internet access NWNS will include a (Nano) Satellite link to interconnect such a remote farm with the NWNS Cloud. 

Many countries are characterised by remote locations, vast geographical areas with difficult terrain and poor or none network coverage.

Regular, physical access to field locations can be cost or time prohibitive, leaving resources managers without access to the up-to-date information they need to make decisions that can impact on compliance with environmental regulations, efficient operations and maintenance of systems and equipment.

A carefully planned network of remote monitoring and control systems, combined with reliable, optimised satellite communications systems, can provide managers and other users with the full visibility of field conditions they require to achieve cost-effective operational excellence.

NWNS is in business to enhance delivery of IoT solutions for “Smart Farming” and “Remote Sensing” and “Remote Microgrid” industries.

NWNS will enable customers with IoT devices in remote locations, without connectivity, to receive critical data and updates and send commands to these assets from anywhere in the world.

Every technology has pluses and minus, and the choice of which technology will always be driven by the requirements for the solution. There are no “one size fits all” technologies. NWNS does not sell or promote one product or system. NWNS proposes a solution that works and matches all the requirements.

For example: If your application only needs to monitor devices in dense urban areas, Cat-M or NB-IoT might be reasonable solutions. If your devices are confined to campus environments, and you don’t want to pay monthly recurring fees, LoRa systems might be great for you. If your devices are located in rural areas or are marine-based a nanosat solution might be a good fit.

The NWNS solution offerings are dedicated to the millions of devices needing low data rate services in the 80%-90% of the world that will never be covered by any cellular-based.

NWNS is an IoT company using a networks of 3rd party nano-satellites to offer low-cost and global communication services to a wide range of industries. Our core however is smart agriculture, remote sensing and remote microgrids.

How we can support you through IoT’s challenges

We understand the complexities of IoT applications, and as an end-to-end technical solutions provider, offering expertise and custom capabilities within our own Technical Competence Centre (The Netherlands & India), we can work with you as an expert partner to help you to apply the right technology at every any stage of your project, no matter where and how challenging.

    1. Our (wireless) sensors measure the required parameters at preset time intervals (can be every 30 seconds or once per day)
    2. Date is sent wirelessly and secured via VPN over 3G or 4G. If such infrastructure coverage is not available all sensor data is collected, stored and sent via nano satellite once visible. Such burst could be every 15 min, twice a day, once per week or any other set time interval. Much depends on the application requirements, costs per burst and the visibility intervals of the satellite. 
    3. Our self-developed smart software gives you insight in the collected data, makes trends visible and produces statistics.

NWNS SCADA is a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition control system architecture that uses computer networked data communications and graphical user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management. \

At NWNS our systems are economical, reliable/robust, flexible and end-to-end connectivity. Moreover, NWNS SCADA systems are field tested in Tanzania hence Africa proof