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Always your partner, never your competitor

NWNS is a reliable partner & knowledge source and in business to meet the strict demands of global service providers who are challenged with the need for a global implementation organisation it the field

The NWNS Performance and Capability Statement outlines what we can offer potential clients and provides the essential details to help them decide whether to do business with us. We are very much aware that one size doesn’t fit all, and additional discussions may be needed before coming to an agreement. We intend to provide a service that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. Costs and charges however depend on what the expectations are, where and when to full fill, and the complexity of the actual business.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Identified Problem – Efficient and cost effective market entry and/or product implementation continues to be a major issue for (multinational) organisations who want to expand into risky and emerging markets.

Why NWNS Believes This Is a Problem – The major success factors in such markets remain good understanding of the risks, marketing, pricing, customer service, money collection and the nuts and bolts of execution. In addition, NWNS believes that the cultural barrier still remains the biggest obstacle for companies from developed countries interested in expanding their operations into emerging markets.

It sounds easy to overcome cultural barriers, but it is not if you do not have the right professionals capable of outlining the boundaries of each market.

Envisioned Solution – There are creative, low-cost solutions in the market for starting to explore those emerging markets, but YOU must take the first step, which should be talking to a specialist such as NWNS.

The Opportunity – NWNS has developed effective tools, methods, and initiatives that not only will lessen risks but make the entire market access and implementation process much smoother and therefore more cost efficient.

Our Mission

NWNS is in business to provide cost efficient, professional and reliable network implementation management and support solutions to emerging markets using local expertise providing available. 

By 2025, broad recognition as the one and only most reliable pan-global telecommunications infrastructure solutions & implementation provider available on the market. 

Because NWNS delivers anytime, anywhere, always!


Our Values

NWNS is a high trust company and our values include long term relationships based on reliability, mutual respect, integrity and trust. In addition, we believe that Nature can provide the answers to all our technical and non-technical questions. 

Nature, the enjoyer, and consciousness


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