Submitting a complaint is easy

But we would like to receive your complaint in writing.

In the (unlikely) event you are unhappy with our service, we at NWNS want to do everything that’s in our power and possibilities to make you back happy. For this reason, NWNS welcomes your complaint and we hope you will give us the opportunity to rectify the situation. 

But we would like to receive your complaint in writing

NWNS suggest to using its standard complaint form. Alternatively, you are free to put your complaint in any letter format as well. 

Note: Our customer complaint form will not be available as on-line form. The reasoning behind this is that we believe that submitting a complaint should not be ad-hoc emotion but a well thought over activity.  

At any time please remember the following:

    • Nothing is black and white and all parties involved have their own views on the situation.
    • NWNS encourages you trying to resolve the dispute with the company or individual before filing an official complaint with NWNS.
    • Please state your complaint clearly and concisely. Please enclose copies of all relevant documents.
    • Please be accurate and fair in your comments. Remember, you are responsible for what you write.
    • Please understand that in order to resolve your complaint, NWNS may send a copy of your letter to the person or organisation you are complaining about.
    • Your complaints and comments may be reviewed by attorneys.