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The Challenge

Global deployments of IT hardware can become a very complex task. Transporting the goods to their final destination is not particularly difficult – however, dealing with customs when the goods arrive in country is where the risks lie.

Most countries around the world require a local entity to act as the registered importer (known as the Importer of Record or “IOR”).

The IOR needs to be locally established so that it falls within that country’s jurisdiction. The IOR is an entity that is approved by that country’s regulations to import IT hardware (often a highly regulated

The Solution

In cooperation with its local representatives and partners, NWNS provides IoR services, supply chain management, RMA support and kitting / staging world-wide.

What is the difference between a forwarder/carrier and the NWNS solution?

The difference is significant. A carrier or forwarder simply handles the physical movement (transportation) of the goods from origin to destination – they will not act as local consignee/IOR and will therefore assume no compliance risk and responsibility.

Freight forwarders and carriers are not IT hardware compliance experts and cannot provide import compliance expertise specific to the country you are importing into. If your goods get stuck in customs, the forwarder/carrier cannot assist you, leaving you at the mercy of customs authorities.
NWNS and its partners can manage transportation for you as part of an end-to- end service but can also partner with any carriers/forwarders to provide a complete service – that is a door-to-door solution.


The NWNS solution includes:

    • Shipping to a country where your entity is not set up to be a compliant importer of IT hardware.
    • Shipping to a country where you do not have a local entity/ registration at all.
    • Shipping to a country where you are unfamiliar with the import compliance requirements specific to IT hardware.
    • Shipping to a foreign data centre or point of presence (data centres will not act as an Importer of Record as they do not own the hardware).
    • Selling equipment to a local entity where they require delivery to foreign destinations on DDP terms.
    • Shipping equipment to a foreign customer under a service or leasing agreement whereby the equipment is provided at no value.
    • Proof of concept or temporary imports.
      commodity) and has all the required import permits, licenses
      and applications on hand in time for clearance.

These import requirements are deliberately onerous, are ever-changing, and depend on the specific commodities being imported (may differ by brand and function of hardware). Having a trusted partner that manages these requirements into over 200 countries daily to take this responsibility on is crucial when high-value and mission critical shipments are at risk of being seized, confiscated, fined or returned to origin.

Global Warehousing Options

NWNS boats a partner network, inclusive of warehousing in The Netherlands, Dubai (Free Zone), USA, as well as some African and APAC locations. Each warehousing locations offers insured, environmental protected storage, and security.