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In most cases, companies and/or end-users that wish to establish VSAT networks and links for their own use must apply for permission or registration to own and operate the VSAT.

Some end-users may be subject to specific legal, procedural or policy requirements. For example, without limitation, transmission in the vicinity of airports may be subject to additional restrictions. Diplomatic missions, international aid organizations, and other non-commercial international organizations may in some cases benefit from privileged treatment at law or policy.

Licensing work for established systems that only require frequency change or equipment change typically require a different approach and incur lesser costs.

For each Service Order, NWNS will determine the law, policy, and procedures applicable and will provide estimates of the total cost of all authorizations required. Included in the quotation is an educated estimate of the number of hours needed to perform all the works.

Important note: NWNS cannot guarantee the timeframe within which the required licenses will be granted nor that they will be granted at all.”

After service order, NWNS will perform all the works related to securing the required  authorizations, licenses, permits, and registrations. NWNS will complete the application, negotiate agreements, and follow applications or negotiations through to conclusion.

NWNS can only quote (or apply) for license, permission, or registration if all critical basic details and requirements are known, have been disclosed, and that customer or end-user provides NWNS with full cooperation.

Minimum input should be made available to NWNS to make a reliable assessment. This includes:

    • Exact location of the VSAT.
    • Specific end-user details.
    • To be used satellite.
    • Location of the Hub (if  applicable);
    • End-user’s application (voice, data, video).
    • Transmit and receive data rate.
    • To be used equipment;

Disclaimer: authorizations for the operation of VSAT systems are determined by national law and policy. Those can and do change, often without notice, potentially affecting costs, conditions, and availability of authorizations. Therefore, want our customers to understand and agree that securing licenses and permissions is dependent upon third parties such as governmental authorities and national operators and that NWNS’s obligations in this regard are thus limited to employing its best efforts in the application, negotiation, and pursuance of the same.