Upload your Invoice to NWNS

To be compliant with rule and regulations of the different financial conduct authorities and for practical reasons NWNS ceased accepting invoices in an email sent to an individual. 

By way of alternative, NWNS invites you to upload your invoices on-line through this web portal. If you have a FSR agreement you can opt for the shortcut. If you don’t have an agreement with NWNS we must have some additional critical information to successfully process your invoice.

please UPLOAD your invoice

If you or your company have a FSR agreement with NWNS you can opt for the shortcut. You will only need your FSR ID and Agreement Number to upload your invoice.

If you do not (yet) have a FSR agreement with NWNS, we must have some additional information to successfully process your invoice.

NWNS typically pays invoices within 14 days after reception providing the invoice is complete and matching all the basic but critical requirements such as correct bank information.

How to invoice NWNS

Please make sure your uploaded invoice(s) include the following critical information:

    • Appropriate NWNS entity and address as stated on the Purchase Order (PO).
    • Company name and address and contact information.
    • Date and unique invoice number.
    • Invoice description as per issued NWNS PO.
    • NWNS PO number.
    • Amount and currency.
    • Complete bank/remittance details (incl. corresponding bank details if available).

Note: Invoices not meeting our basic and reasonable requirements will slow down the process and therefore, will be returned with the question to be compliant and then resubmit.

Iinvoice status update

Do you have any questions about already submitted invoices? Maybe you’re not sure if everything has been paid, or you have a concern you’d like to raise? Please send us a message in an email to invoice at nwns.org. Do make sure your message is clear and includes all relevant details such as contact details and the relevant invoice number(s). 

We will answer your questions as soon as reasonably possible. 

Important note on bank charges

Bank wires cost money and you might even have to pay if you receive a bank wire into your account. This is a charge of YOUR bank and such costs are beyond the control of NWNS. NWNS never know upfront how much YOUR bank will automatically deduct from the incoming payment. 

Therefore, to limit wire transfer costs, NWNS suggest you to submit as many invoices as possible per upload.