NWNS aims to build and maintain a professional network of trusted field support partners. If you wish to receive business from NWNS, we kindly ask you to complete and return the on-line Field Partner Registration Form first.

At NWNS we have the wish being well prepared for instant answering and swift quotation. Having your company facts on file enables NWNS to act quickly without the need for troubling you all the time.

Why this form and why so many questions

We fully realise that this is an extensive questionnaire and not all questions may look relevant to you. The reason for so many detailed questions lies in the fact that NWNS answers to – and supports – major, globally operating and highly demanding customers. A fast and professional response to our customers may result in a higher likelihood of winning new deals. Therefore, your company information is important and does matter.

Is my information confidential and safe

All information can be considered confidential and none of your submitted information will be used for any other commercial purpose. Moreover, the submitted data is transferred and stored encrypted.

At NWNS we maintain a very strict privacy policy and if you are interested in the details just click here.

How long will it me take filling out the form

Filling out the form should not take more you more than 15-30 minutes of your time. Please note only the fields marked * are mandatory.

What's next after submitting the registration

After processing the returned information, NWNS will contact you to discuss the next phase including potential business and a Field Service Agreement.