Our concept is super simple
You have an Ambition - We do your risk assessment - we source you multiple solutions - you choose the solution that best matches - we negotiate the best deal on your behalf - you happily own the deal
We are in business to demystify the fuzzy telecoms market
And to enable our customers to enter into the best possible deal exceeding their requirements
And we want to commodify telecommunications, disrupt the market, and form a buyers club for our customers to give them best value
We call it Value-added as "a service"
"Developing Infrastructure" wants to commoditise the Telecoms Market through an Automated Reverse-Bid Model
Our clients always benefit, often in multiple ways
Because we understand our business and we reasonably charge for our valuable services. Our incentive is a returning client

We offer real-world experience and guarantee results

Developing Infrastructure consultants are different from many others. Drawn from the ranks of practical executives, we offer real-world experience and guarantee results. It’s crucial for telecoms providers — whether they be service providers, mobile operators, or satellite owners — to understand their markets, and the impact of their technical decisions on commercial offerings.

Often, operators are saddled with undersold networks while maintaining huge infrastructure overheads. Finding the right fit for end-users while simultaneously maximising return on investment is a tricky balancing act.

Developing Infrastructure’s team of business consultants know the telecoms industry, especially in emerging markets, inside and out. We provide the know-how and tools to do business in difficult circumstances, and to help our customers define their USP and market position.

Whether it’s local knowledge, gap-filling services like OSS/BSS, connection with field engineers, or simply helping sales teams find customers, telco operators can rely on us to help bring products and services to market.

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Who and what is "Developing Infrastructure"

“Developing Infrastructure” is a telecoms and services consultancy group with focus on the developing world.

We have decades of proven experience of doing business in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

“Developing Infrastructure” maintains physical presence in London (UK), Dubai (UAE), Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Sacramento (California – USA). The NWNS network of local partners provides presence and capability in over 140 countries.

Your world wide connection

Our service brokerage — Your Worldwide Connection — connects customers with service providers in more than 140 countries, and makes sure end users get the service they need at the best possible price. Whether satellite, microwave, fibre optic, or mobile network connection, we draw upon our network and extensive research to identify potential providers, solicit bids, and then deliver a finished service. And, because we don’t provide services to end users, we never compete with our customers.

This way Our clientS get the best value

Step 1:

We get the real requirements from a client’s request

Step 2:

We analyse the potential risks, threats and prerequisites and inform client accordingly

Step 3:

We source and match potential service and solution providers

Step 4:

We get a first round of bids which we present to our client. Client can then decide how to continue

Step 5:


We help client to fully understand the various bid financially and technically but also the pros and cons and potential risks. Client decides which bid best matches his requirements and gives him/her the highest level of comfort

Step 6:

On behalf of client we further negotiate and finalise bids and submit them to the client. Client takes over from here and owns the deal


Client is very happy and eager to working with us again 


Our business development services encompass product and services design and development, managed services scoping and implementation, and market research and ratecard creation.

We take a holistic view of businesses, and bring creative out-of-the-box thinking to help our customers achieve their best return on investment.

By exploiting market gaps and knowing where the competition lies, our customers can make fully-informed choices and drive their business forward.

Sales, marketing, and press relations must drive growth in every organisation.

Drawing on extensive global sales contact lists, Developing Infrastructure is uniquely placed to help customers establish, grow, and maintain sales channels — which can also be offered as a turn-key service.

With and integrated marketing mentality and professional industry-specific press relations representatives, a complete sales, marketing, and PR strategy can be agreed and implemented, or customers can choose individual options.

ensure reliable, safe, and effective communications, wherever they are required.

With decades of experience behind us, our operations experts can help define your requirements and implement tools which will streamline your ops department — including full CRM deployment, as well as optional OSS/BSS integration.

Or, if you prefer, we can build a turn-key ops team for you, taking the stress out of running critical customer-facing roles.

Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver! We can!


From SCADA and IOT links to multi-national networks and all the way through to PTT trunking connections, our satellite specialists know the markets, providers, and can deliver the right solution at the best price.

We source connections on every continent, in every band, and from every provider — including some unique national satellites which offer great value.

And because we place volumes of business we can deliver where others struggle to get an answer.

Raw capacity leases, managed services, private networks, or complete designs from requirements to implementation — we can handle your entire satellite requirement.

Across the developing world, terrestrial networks are making inroads. However, it’s often nearly impossible — if not simply over-priced — to get developing world connectivity from an international address.

Relying on our extensive contacts, we can offer connectivity in remote and difficult areas — including the rural USA, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Far East, Africa, and the Middle East.

International telecoms companies rely on the same providers, but can struggle to get a response — let us work on your behalf to deliver the right deal from the most reliable vendors.

Be it fibre optic, broadband, microwave, or mobile, we can find the right solution to ensure reliable, safe, and effective communications, wherever they are required.

Finding reliable engineering resources in the developing world is difficult, and it can be the difference between winning a contract — or keeping one you’ve already won!

With full engineering resources throughout the developing world, we can offer installation, maintenance, and other field engineering services in some of the most remote and austere environments.

All our field engineers are professionally trained and vetted, and many have been in contact for decades.

From Peru to Niger to Oman to Vietnam — our engineering resources have you covered

Try us, you can only benefit - we want you to benefit

Together with proper risk assessment, understanding the interaction of technical and commercial requirements is an often-overlooked skill that can lead to higher cost and lower margins or even total failure. We at Developing Infrastructure know and understand the risks and requirements of doing business in the developing world. Not because we can google so very well…it’s all about the many many years of hard experience and the many failures we’ve had to overcome. Furthermore, our technical teams in RF, networking, satellite, and systems are subject matter experts with decades of expertise. Whether it’s determining satellite efficiency, or making sure trans-ocean routes are properly set up, or calculating the power requirements under worst case circumstances – we can do it, we’ve done it before. And that’s for proven fact.