Or you contact NWNS

For inquiries and general questions concerning NWNS, please use the electronic form or send your email directly to request-at-nwns.org. Alternatively, NWNS can be reached at the published telephone numbers.

Technical questions or reporting trouble:

In order to get the information you are looking for you may want to start filling out the below webform first. We will respond as fast as reasonably possible. It’s a promise, providing you are not a spammer. 

General business enquiries:

If you have technical questions regarding your existing NWNS services or you want to report trouble or an outage, please logon to myNWNS or contact our Network Operations Center (NOC) for immediate assistance.

Other reasons for contacting NWNS:

    • If you want to be contacted by a member of our staff, to discuss an opportunity or possible solutions for a problem please click here.

    • To submit a new request or a quote for your project please click here.
    • To upload service reports and pictures after visiting a customer site please click here.
    • Click here if you want to submit and upload your invoice for delivered services.
    • Click here to inform NWNS about your concerns or complaints. 
NWNS Office Locations & Contact Information

Speak Up

Speak Up is a confidential hotline that anyone who works for, with, or on behalf of NWNS can call, whatever country they work in. You can also raise your concern online and anonymously if you prefer, subject to local law.

Using Speak Up is often the best and safest way to raise a sensitive ethical issue with someone who isn’t connected to the team.

We know it can take courage to speak up. We’ll do whatever we can to support and protect you. And we won’t let anyone retaliate against you for reporting your concerns. If someone in NWNS tries to deter you from speaking up that’s a disciplinary offence in itself and we’ll deal with it seriously.

Alternatively you can always call (anonymously) 

Tel: To be published soon (pending contract)

Email: speakup@phlocks.com

Submit a Complaint

NWNS will always try to address the cause of your dissatisfaction to the degree this is possible and as appropriate. 

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