Hosting and Co-location

Searching for reliable local representation on your behalf?

Antenna hosting and equipment co-location facility sourcing and management
NWNS together with local NWNS affiliates, we do the sourcing, contracting and further management on your behalf

Telecom operators will deploy millions of small cells in the coming years to increase coverage and meet the exponential demand for data of all kind. 

However, deploying small cells presents new site acquisition, maintenance, backhaul and powering challenges.

NWNS’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions enables our clients effective and efficient implementations of their small cells anywhere in the world.

NWNS offers downlink of satellite signals with client’s receivers collocated at NWNS’s or NWNS’s partner facility.

NWNS provides signals from an antenna – could be any – internet access for monitoring and IP multicast transmission of the signal to client’s Point of Presence (PoP) or via the Internet.

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